WWE Hell in a Cell left wrestling fans on a sour note by having CM Punk win and retain his WWE Championship against Ryback with assistance from the referee. The Big Hungry is sure to be in a bitter mood on “RAW,” unlike the new World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, who defeated Sheamus cleanly in their title match, but the biggest news is rumors of Ric Flairs return.

Bleacher Report among other wrestling publications is claiming that there is a good chance Ric Flair will be returning to “RAW” tonight. There is no official word on whether this is true or what role he could play, but the Nature Boy might replace Vickie Guerrero as an authority figure, or take over as manager of Dolph Ziggler, among other possibilities

“Can Punk elude the creature’s grasp until then?” reads a tease from WWE.com. The Second City Saint has held onto his belt, and Ryback won’t be the one to take it from him, but now he needs a new opponent. Things will likely revert back to John Cena after tension with Ryback is defused with the rising star entering into a feud with someone new.

Big Show will be in a better mood than Ryback after the Giant defeated Sheamus to win the World Heavyweight Championship. After Big Show kicked out of the Brogue Kick and Sheamus kicked out of the KO Punch, this rivalry is certain to continue.

WWE.com lists Dolph Ziggler on the “RAW” preview after the Showoff failed to keep his promise to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and leave Hell in a Cell with the World Title. Maybe he’s playing mind games or maybe he’s afraid of Big Show; either way Ziggler will have some explaining to do on “RAW.”

Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the spotlight after losing their match but retaining their Tag Team Titles after being disqualified. Tonight’s “RAW” could feature a rematch or the announcement of one in the future for Team Hell No to go up against Rhode Scholars, who won the match but not the belts.

The recent AJ Scandal storyline is also plugged to be a part of tonight’s show, possibly as a Segway into naming a new General Manager in Ric Flar. John Cena is involved, which will likely inject him into a feud now that the Cenation Leader is medically cleared to wrestle.