Microsoft’s Larry Hryb has released a new video where he takes viewers through many Xbox One features, including ports, accessories and much more.

The Xbox One unboxing video reveals that headsets will now be included with the Xbox One Day One Edition as well as the Xbox One Standard Edition, which was not originally the case.

This means that on headsets, as with its used games and DRM policies, Microsoft has changed its tune once again. By making the move to include headsets with both the Xbox One Day One Edition and the Xbox One Standard Edition, Microsoft is saving consumers $24.99, the cost of the headset. Kudos to Redmond for flipping again in favor of a pro-consumer approach.

Now for some hardware details. Like the PS4, the Xbox One’s slot-loading Blu-ray drive will be located on the left side of the Xbox One’s front panel.

On the left side, you’ll find a single USB 3.0 port as well as a button that lets you connect wireless controllers to the Xbox One.

Around back, you’ll find the power port, one HDMI-out connector, an S/PDIF optical audio connector, one HDMI-in port, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a jack for Kinect, an IR-out port for Kinect, an Ethernet connector as well as a Kensington security lock.

Hryb also gave gamers a look at the Xbox One’s power brick, which looks pretty hefty. We recommend hiding it behind your TV.

As for specs, Hryb confirmed that the Xbox One will sport a 500GB hard drive as well as an 8-core x86 processor.

Microsoft is also including a 4k-capable HDMI cable with the Xbox One, but you’ll need a 4k-ready TV in order to take advantage of the Xbox One’s 4k capabilities.

The Xbox One Day One Edition’s controller sports a “Day One Edition” logo in the center, and chrome directional pad impulse triggers on the back. TV manufacturer Seiki makes affordable 4k-capable TVs, which are currently going for roughly $1,300 for 50-inch models.

When speaking about the new Kinect sensor, Hryb claimed that the revamped peripheral will have a wider field of view, making it usable in almost any room in your home, as well as improved gesture and voice controls. Kinect will also feature 1080p video for high-resolution Skype calls.

Hryb concluded the video by teasing a “cool” feature involving the on/off switch, which lights up in white when the Xbox One is in use. More will be revealed at Gamescom, which begins Aug. 21, in less than two weeks.

Watch the full Xbox One unboxing video below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of the Xbox One Day One Edition unboxing? Which Xbox One features are you most excited about and why? Are you glad that Microsoft decided to include the Xbox One headset with both the Xbox One Standard Edition and the Xbox One Day One Edition? Have you pre-ordered the Xbox One? Why or why not? If so, which version did you pre-order and why? Sound off in the comments below.