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The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions around the globe into quarantine. An increase in time spent at home meant a lot more time using home furniture during the day and night. Home offices forced people to go from their work office chairs to their kitchen chairs, leading to back pain and other issues. As the market began to look more closely into comfortable furniture that could enhance the experience of both work and casual lounging, the beanbag furniture market started to grow. Yogibo and Moonpod are two of the biggest names in the beanbag furniture industry. Today’s article will compare the two brands and dive deeper into the causes of the beanbag boom.

Comfort and Health Benefits Provided by Beanbag Furniture

Many people first purchase beanbag furniture with the idea that it will provide a comfortable way for kids, adults, or couples to enjoy a movie night. What they may not realize off the bat is that, with bean bags with strethy durable fabric, like Moonpod and Yogibo, the furniture provide several health benefits. Consider the posture benefits of a beanbag chair. The Yogibo Max conforms to a person’s body and has zero pressure points. Usually, chairs will provide a pressure point in the spine, glutes, hips, or sciatic nerves. The beanbag furniture offered by Yogibo provides zero pressure points as the entire piece molds to the person’s body. Both adults and children who struggle with backpain can help alleviate their pain by switching out their favorite chair or sofa for a high-quality beanbag chair.

Poor posture is associated with back pain, but there are other health issues related to poor posture. When someone slouches for an extended time, tension begins to grow in the neck and shoulders. This tension can often lead to tension headaches, which can be extremely painful. By alleviating the pressure through sitting in a beanbag chair, those who suffer from tension headaches can find relief. Pregnant women look to beanbag furniture to take some of the pressure off their joints. Parents with children on the Autism spectrum have also found that beanbag furniture offers some therapeutic benefits as it helps those with sensory processing issues.

Yogibo vs. Moonpod

The Yogibo Max conforms to a person’s body and has zero pressure points. ACW Media

With the benefits of this type of beanbag furniture being clear, the next step becomes learning a bit more about the leaders of the industry. What makes these beanbag chairs different? And how can consumers ensure they are getting the most value for their dollar? Comparing the Yogibo Max and the standard Moonpod chair should shed some light on the subject.

Yogibo Max Features

Yogibo was the pioneer in this section since 2009 and also own the patent for it. The company offers quite a few more furniture pieces than Moonpod, but their best seller is the Yogibo Max. One of the most significant selling points of the Yogibo Max is that it is six feet in length, making for a very versatile piece of furniture.

The Yogibo Short is the same size as the standard Moonpod chair. When the Yogibo Max is delivered, it can be removed from the box and is ready to go. The Max can accommodate up to four people at once. Despite the large size, the chair weighs less than 20 pounds, so it is easy to maneuver around the house. It also takes up less than four feet of space when standing. For those looking to match their beanbag furniture to their home décor, the chair is available in 14 different colors, and also more options on water resistant covers, luxurious textured covers and even licensed covers like Star wars. Purchasers can purchase multiple covers, and they zip on and off for machine washing.

The Yogibo Max is usually laid out flat, but when propped against a wall, it can quickly transform into a recliner of sorts. Each Yogibo chair is filled with tiny polystyrene foam balls. The versatility of the product makes it perfect for those hosting a sleepover. It is more than comfortable enough to sleep on at night. It is then versatile enough to be used the next day during a gaming session. The Yogibo Max sells for $259.00

Moonpod Features

The Moonpod is smaller than the Yogibo Max and asks recipients to place the accompanying sheet over the item upon its delivery. Unlike the Max, the Moonpod comes in an oval shape. The Moonpod is meant for one person at a time and can be transported around the house quite easily as it is only 12 pounds in weight. Unlike the Max, there is one main color option for the Moonpod: a gray. The covering is also machine washable. Customers of the Moonpod are encouraged to buy multiple chairs as some are designed for indoor use while others are better suited for the outdoors.

The Moonpod is filled with similar types of beads like Yogibo. It features a soft cover and feels quite similar to the Yogibo except it is polyester-cotton which has some peeling issues of the polyester unlike the cotton lycra cover of Yogibo. When it comes to versatility, the Moonpod size makes it a little less likely to be used as a bed. Moonpod chairs are sold online for $399 with some discounted options.

The Superior Qualities of Yogibo

Users often choose Yogibo Max for its versatility and price. Coming in $140 cheaper than the Moonpod and alos has some discounting options, the Max provides buyers with more versatility. These pieces are big sellers amongst parents as they can host sleepovers, and various kids can sit or lay comfortably on the Yogibo Max while playing a video game or watching a movie. The Max is also a favorite amongst couples as they can snuggle up on date night without putting unwanted pressure on their joints or pressure points. Finally, Yogibo furniture comes in so many different colors that those worried about their home décor can select the best colors for their unique needs.

Those new to the beanbag furniture trend are in for a treat. Everyone from kids looking for a comfortable place to sit and read a book or play video games to adults who want to work out of a chair that does not cause them backpain at the end of a long day can benefit from the flexibility and the comfort of beanbag furniture.