"Young and the Restless"
The Abbott family is forever changed on the Oct. 13, 2017 episode of "The Young and the Restless." CBS

The big secrets regarding Dina's companion and Ashley's paternity have finally come out, and now that these secrets have been exposed, things will begin to change the Abbott family forever, starting on the Friday, Oct. 13 episode of "The Young and the Restless.'

Ashley's (Eileen Davidson) big night where she was honored with an Innovator Award ended with chaos after she revealed the truth about Graham (Max Shippee), to Dina (Marla Adams). Things got more complicated on the CBS soap when Graham admitted his plan to get revenge on Dina stemmed from her taking Brent Davis from his own mother, which led to the bombshell that Ashley was actually not John Abbott's daughter.

Now, after realizing what has happened, Dina will beg for the drama to stop, though Ashley will continue expressing contempt for Graham, who has managed to reduce Dina to tears.

"This is enough," Dina cries in a preview clip.

"Bravo! Let's hear it for Graham!" Ashley shouts while sarcastically clapping for her enemy.

Later on, the group will take their argument outside, and Graham will once again attempt to deter Dina from her children and get her to leave with him. However, he will be stunned when Dina rebuffs him, and he is threatened that he had better leave because he is no longer welcome in anyone's lives.

"Dina, let's go!" He says as he grabs her arm.

"No, I'm staying," Dina replies, pushing him away from her.

"You get out now, or I'll call security and have you dragged out," Ashley snaps.

However, that won't be the last the Abbott clan sees of Graham, because he won't be finished with them all.

Following the party, a still upset Dina will return to her suite with Jack (Peter Bergman), and she will realize that she needs to act quickly and change her will again, which previously left everything to Graham and nothing to her children. When Jack leaves, Graham will make his way back into the room and confront Dina about their past history, and when she reveals that he is no longer going to have access to anything in her life, he will begin to insult her. The situation will eventually become too much for Dina to handle, and she will then collapse.

Following that, her fate will lie solely in Graham's hands. He can do the right thing and call for help, getting Dina to a hospital so she can receive medical treatment. However, he can also do what he initially set out to do, which was destroy Dina's life and get what he felt he deserved to have because of his childhood. He can also leave her there and walk away, and if no one else finds her, it could be too late. If she dies, she never had a chance to change her will back, which will mean he can legally take everything she has.

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.