He has grown tired of his brother's maneuvers to try and destroy his career and life, and now, Billy will finally make a move to try and take Jack down a notch on the Friday, Aug. 25 episode of "The Young and the Restless."

Jack (Peter Bergman) has been openly vocal about his plot to take down Brash and Sassy, merely so he can attack Billy (Jason Thompson), whom he still holds a grudge against for his affair with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). Not only has he made maneuvers to try and get at them in ways they don't expect, but he also blatantly increased their rent to try and kick them out of the Jabot building as well. For now on the CBS soap, his plots have all been foiled, and the company seems to be getting back on its feet following a bridge loan from Neil (Kristoff St. John). However, Billy has grown weary of his brother's schemes.

It has become especially tiring for Billy that his brother is still going after him when he has forgiven Phyllis enough for what happened to still work with her, yet he is still considered to be unwelcome in Jack's life. Because his brother's actions have been messing with his livelihood, Billy is now taking control, and will unleash a plan of action of his own.

"You mentioned you want to hit back at Jack," Phyllis says to him in a preview clip. "You care to tell me what you have in mind?"

Billy won't give his live-in girlfriend any hints, though he will steal a glance across the room at Dina (Marla Adams), Jack's mother who has been working with Jabot recently.

The Young and the Restless
Victoria (Amelia Heinle, not pictured) and Billy (Jason Thompson) unleash a shady plan on the Aug. 28, 2017 episode of"The Young and the Restless." CBS

If Billy has figured out that Dina has some issues with memory and other ailments that have come with her more advanced age these days, then he may use that to manipulate her in a way that gets him what he needs-so he can fight back against his brother. Though he's the product of John's relationship with Jill (Jess Walton), he and Dina have struck up a cordial friendship. When he goes to approach her at the club, he will manage to get a hold of her password that she uses to access Jabot files, though his attempt to use it may still be foiled.

Meanwhile, Jack is impressed by the work Dina has been turning in since she started working for Jabot, noting that her reports are impressive to Ashley (Eileen Davidson).

"Mother is suddenly an asset at Jabot," he says in the clip.

However, Ashley will still express concern over their mother's past, especially since they still aren't quite sure a=of more than a few things about her and why she came back to Genoa City in the first place. This will cause the two to once again travel down memory lane, and they will reminisce over how John and Dina's marriage came to an end in the first place.

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.