An American Airlines passenger's rant about her "nightmare" flying experience blew up on Twitter earlier this week. Sydney Watson asked AA for reparations for the inconvenience caused to her on the New York - Dallas flight, and upon their denial, took to YouTube to rant further.

A quick glance at the comments under the video as well as the tweet reveals that Watson has received sizable support for the belittling comments she made about being "literally - WEDGED between two OBESE people on my flight."

She called the flight a "hell Gondola" where she was "sandwiched between two people who will sweat on you." Watson shared photos along with tweets to support her claims, reported Yahoo! News.

In the video, Watson acknowledged media reports that called her out for "fat shaming" and said she is now entitled to make a "bigger fuss" about the situation. Watson said that a male flight attendant sympathized with her at the end of the 3.5-hour flight, followed by apologies from other on-board crew.

They told her that they were looking for a child to swap seats with her, to resolve her distress, but were unable to do so. She said that the flight attendant's apology pacified and stopped her from becoming a "demon creature that would have tried to consume the plane from rage."

People online questioned why Watson didn't buy a business class ticket, to which she responded, "I think it's really weird and maybe not such a great position to take that I - the normal sized human being has to take measures to not be sat between obese people who by rights should have bought another seat or probably not flown at all, to be honest.

"Why is it that I have to be the one who accommodates them when they don't make choices that accommodates me?" she added, clarifying that this statement was specifically regarding flying, and shouldn't be taken out of context.

Watson further admits that she was "fat shaming" when she wrote out the tweets "but I don't understand why that's a bad thing?" She then hit out at the "Fat Acceptance Movement".

The woman then took aim at AA for their response to her that reads, "Our passengers come in all different sizes and shapes. We're sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight."

She said that with this response, the carrier went against its own policies for passengers that need extra space. AA's website says, "If a customer needs extra space outside a single seat to travel safely, another seat is required."

Watson ended the video by saying she wasn't sorry for what she said, and those that took offense lacked a sense of humor.

An American Airlines Airbus A321 plane takes off from Los Angeles International airport