shay carl
Shay Butler is taking a much-needed social media break. The YouTuber is pictured at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards on Feb. 17, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

Shaytards fans shouldn’t look to social media to get an update from Shay Carl Butler. The vlog family patriarch is seemingly staying true to his word to take a break from the internet.

Last month, Shay revealed to fans of his YouTube channels that he was taking a hiatus from the web in order to get help for his alcoholism. “I thought I was able to escape addiction & its associated demons but that disease has manifested itself back into my life,” he wrote in a statement.

Since his tweet, Shay has not returned to Twitter. As of Tuesday night, it appears the web star has deactivated his account. A quick look at Shay’s equally popular Instagram page reveals it is still intact, but it is now listed as private. Shay’s 1.3 million Instagram followers still have access to his photos, however.

While Shay is MIA online, his wife, Colette Butler, has been slowly returning to the spotlight. On Tuesday, she made a cameo on her sister-in-law Carlie Wood’s YouTube channel, much to the delight of Shaytards fans. Colette’s Twitter and Instagram profiles have also remained up and running, though she hasn’t update either account since Shay’s scandal.

On Feb. 13, Shay revealed he was battling alcoholism, a disease he openly discussed having in earlier videos and in print. With his wife, family and friends by his side, Shay said he was seeking treatment and that his “heart is sick.”

One day prior to Shay’s announcement, cam girl Aria Nina exposed sexual messages she and Shay had allegedly sent to one another over the course of a three month period. Aria went on to say she and Shay never met in person. She has also denied that he was a paying customer.