Shay Carl
Shay Carl Butler pictured at a pre-Academy Award event in Santa Monica, California, Feb. 27, 2014. Getty Images

Shay Carl Butler’s alleged online fling with a cam girl is certainly the talk of fans of his YouTube channel, Shaytards, but it’s far from the only cheating scandal to rock the site. In recent years, there have been several notable cheating controversies, a few of which we are going to run down for you today.

Shay Carl

The most recent scandal is that of Shay Carl, the infamous patriarch behind the Shaytards family vlogging channel. Last weekend, cam girl Aria Nina exposed sexual messages Shay allegedly sent her on Twitter. Aria claims she and Shay were speaking for three months before he was rude to her and she decided to reveal their relationship. Their validity of their X-rated sexual messages were confirmed by Shay, according to YouTuber Keemstar of DramaAlert. Shay has since revealed he’s seeking treating for alcoholism and has stopped posting videos. Aria Nina has denied wanting fame and money as a result the reveal.

Sam Rader


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The Ashley Madison hack in August 2015 revealed Sam Rader of the family vlogging channel Sam & Nia had an account with the affair facilitating website. Sam confirmed the validity of the account and said it was made two years prior to the Ashley Madison leak, before he started on YouTube.

“This was brought to my wife’s attention, she has forgiven me for this mistake that I’ve made in opening the account. I’ve sought forgiveness from God, and he’s forgiven me. So I’ve been completely cleansed of this sin,” Sam explained in a video, which has since been deleted from his channel. Sam went on to deny that he met with any persons from the website.

Two days after the leak, Sam was removed from a YouTube event for allegedly threatening harm against other creators.

Jesse Wellens

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith rose to fame with their couple prank channel PrankvsPrank in 2009. After starring in dozens of viral videos together and filming daily vlogs for their BfvsGf channel, the pair called it quits in May 2016. Following their breakup, photos of Jesse with other women surfaced, sparking rumors that cheating may have caused the end of their relationship. Jesse denied those accusations, telling Radar Online, “They’re friends of mine, they are nothing more than friends” in response to the images.

Jenna Marbles

Several months after ending her relationship of four years with boyfriend Max Weisz in 2012, JennaMarbles YouTuber Jenna Mourey hinted that cheating may have caused their breakup. “Once a cheater always a cheater. We are never ever ever getting back together. Like ever,” she tweeted. While her fans immediately questioned if Max was the subject of her posts, the YouTuber never confirmed if she was talking about the fellow video creator.

Austin Null

YouTuber Austin Null admitted to having an online love affair in December 2015 after an X-rated video of him leaked. In a 17-minute video posted to his The Nive Nulls channel, he explained the incident alongside his wife, Brittany.

Austin said he stated an “online affair” with an unidentified woman after she sent him photos. He said their relationship continued for five months and he never met the individual in person. “Something just fell into my lap and instead of just ignoring it I fell into it and then it just spiraled out of control,” Austin said, confirming he and his wife were seeking counseling following the incident.