If you don’t already know who Charles Trippy is, just head over to YouTube, because daily videos of the vlogger’s past four years of life are already online and ready to view, including his most recent venture: brain surgery.

While Trippy, a 29-year-old YouTube partner and bassist for the band We The Kings, records and uploads his day-to-day antics for the world to see on his YouTube channel CTFxC, Wednesday’s video was an emotional affair. Aided by his wife Alli Trippy, the Florida man captured his second brain surgery, which was an attempt to remove a tumor that is thought to be the cause of his multiple seizures since March 2012.

“Good morning guys, today somebody picks at my brain,” said Trippy at the start of Wednesday’s video “BRAIN SURGERY AGAIN!!.” He jokingly added, "Maybe they can add some RAM in there.”

According to Trippy’s previous videos, he was kept awake during the three- to four-hour procedure due to the surgeon’s fears that removing the tumor, a piece left behind from a previous surgery, could possibly disturb his reflexes. “I don’t know what to expect,” said Trippy prior to the surgery. “I was told that I am going to be more awake than I thought, though.”

Although his brain is never actually being shown in the 11-minute video diary, doctors do film Trippy mid-surgery. The YouTuber tells surgeons, “Everything’s going great and my brain is open... It’s kind of funny you’re not really as quick witted when your head is open,” said Trippy, later adding, “Awake brain surgery is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

The clip, uploaded late Wednesday, is already surpassing the longtime vlogger's other videos, garnering almost 253,000 views as of Thursday morning. While already gaining viral traction on the video-sharing site, Trippy is currently in the midst of trying to obtain 1 million subscribers, a goal recently achieved by his friend, colleague and fellow daily vlogger, Shay Carl Butler of YouTube’s the “Shaytards.” “We better get a million subscribers on YouTube," said Trippy after the procedure while discussing his channel's current 961,860 daily viewers. "If not, the Internet is broken” he later added.

Trippy is currently recovering from his surgery in Boston. View Charles Trippy and his wife Alli’s daily videos on YouTube.com/CTFxC.