An auction of personal art and furniture once belonging to late French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and French businessman Pierre Berge raised $14.45 million, three times the amount expected.

Saint Laurent and Berge were known to possess one of the biggest and most important private art collections of the world for over fifty years, Reuters reports.

The auction featured almost 1,200 works that used to decorate several of the designers' properties, including Chateau Gabriel, a Normandy country house from the 19th century.

The auction was held in Paris from November 17-20.

Auctioned Items included:

A pair of armchairs made at the beginning of the 19th century sold for about 359 957 (241,000 euros), according to Reuters.

An umbrella holder valued between 300 and 500 euros sold for 109,000 euros ($162,802). The object used to be at Saint Laurent and Berge's Paris apartment.