It appears Zayn Malik and British music producer Naughty Boy have had a falling out. The pair have been hard at work on Malik's forthcoming solo project, which he began shortly after leaving One Direction in April. Unfortunately it seems their business relationship has hit a bump in the road.

Malik took to Twitter Monday morning to share a series of angry messages on Twitter. The first was sent directly to Naughty Boy, whom Malik called a "fat joke." The 22-year-old asked that the producer stop pretending they were friends and discounted his accomplishments in the music business. Minutes later her posted a cryptic tweet to no one in particular in which he made reference to a video that had been uploaded . He added that whoever was responsible for uploading the video wasn't "s--t but a faker."

While it is not clear exactly what their dispute is over, Entertainment Weekly reports Malik might be angry about his unfinished music video, in which he covers Rae Shremmurd's "No Type," being leaked. The brief clip shows Malik singing the hit song against a white background and features cameos from British rap duo Krept & Konan. According to Entertainment Weekly, Naught Boy uploaded a snippet of the video to his Snapchat. Fans grabbed the video and passed it around Twitter, much to Malik's dismay. 

Naughty Boy has shared several shady tweets of his own. On July 11 the music industry mogul wrote an odd message about the music business which he ended with, “you know who you are.” He followed that message up with another that read, “don’t feed the hand that bites you.” Although he has shared several messages seemingly referencing their fallout, Naughty Boy has not directly responded to Malik at this time.

Although Malik seems especially frustrated at Naughty Boy for leaking the video, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. In June U.K. rapper Mic Righteous leaked unfinished versions of Malik covering “No Type” and his latest original work, “I Won’t Mind.” Both songs were removed from SoundCloud shortly after being uploaded, but not before Naughty Boy caught wind of the leaks and attacks Mic Righteous on Twitter, claiming he had stolen the tracks off his hard drive. Mic Righteous quickly fired back saying that was far from the truth, adding that "NB just denied me like Peter denied Jesus."