Zimbabwe is preparing to implement strong trade measures in efforts to liberalize its common trade market by 2008, said its Minister of Finance, Dr. Herbert Murerwa on Friday.

Dr. Murerwa stressed the need for Zimbabwe's government to strategize with the private sector in order to ensure that local businesses are not subjugated by more prominent trading nations.

While addressing delegates at a post-fiscal and monetary policy review meeting, Dr. Muruwa said that large export fees must be eliminated and an agreement needs to be reached concerning trade policies.

There is great need for Zimbabwe to prepare itself for trade pressures that will come with the introduction of a common market by 2008, Dr. Murerwa said according to the Zimbabwe Herald.

Some measures have already been taken note of in the fiscal and monetary policies but a strong public and private sector partnership would make the country more prepared for 2008.

Developments in relations between these two sectors will improve export levels, add to the countries economic development and increase local marketing.

We are also going to undertake capacity building and training workshops to educate our people on competitive business strategies, he said.

Dr. Murerwa noted that in order to attract more foreign investors, all reforms need to be considered to increase the pace at which the nation is growing.