Cornyn Hatch

Corker Demands Answers About Last-Minute Tax Break

In response to IBT’s investigation, the GOP senator is pressing his party for answers about the provision, which could enrich Corker and other GOP lawmakers. Corker also said the provision was in the House version of the bill, a claim experts disputed.

Cornyn Says Tax Loophole Was Added To Secure Key Senate Votes

Provision that could enrich key GOP lawmakers was part of effort to “cobble together the votes we needed,” says Texas senator

Is North Korea Stealing Bitcoin?

The country has long been subject to international sanctions, and is suspected of hacking bitcoin to gain access to precious foreign exchange through the cryptocurrency.

Last-Minute Real Estate Tax Break In GOP Bill Will Benefit Trump

President Donald Trump has made tens of millions of dollars of rental income that could be subjected to a special new tax break in the Republicans’ tax legislation released Friday.

What Is Roaching? New Dating Trend Could Be A Relationship Ruiner

There's a new dating trend called "roaching" that can compromise a budding relationship.

Soyuz MS-07

Space Station Gets Cargo, 3 Crew Members On Their Way

A few hours after three astronauts took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan early Sunday, SpaceX’s cargo-carrying Dragon spacecraft attached itself to the International Space Station.

Sun May Be Dimming: NASA To Confirm Declining Luminosity

Data obtained by NASA's Total Solar Irradiance Sensor showed sun is entering a 11-year cyclic electromagnetic output low and this could continue diminishing over time.