The search for Lisa Irwin, the missing 10-month old infant from Kansas City, Mo., has got no leads to follow and has no suspects so far, while her parents desperately pleaded whoever has their daughter to return her.

Isa Irwin was last seen in her crib at around 10 p.m. Monday night when her mother had put her to sleep. Five hours later, her father came home after a late night shift as an overnight electrician, only to find his daughter missing.

The windows were open and lights were on and she was nowhere to be found, Jeremy Irwin said in Thursday's Good Morning America.

The front door was unlocked, and the parents' cell phones were missing, according to Irwin.

They took her and took all of our phones so we couldn't call anybody.

We've been going over everything in our minds. We just don't have any idea, added Irwin.

Anybody who might have her can drop her off anyplace safe - a fire station or hospital or church - no questions asked, said Irwin's father Jeremy Irwin in a press conference on Wednesday.

We just want to bring our baby back, please bring her home, Deborah Bradley, the child's mother, said through tears. Our two other boys are waiting for her.

Regarding the motive to kidnap Lisa, The only thing I can think of is maybe somebody wanted a baby, said Bradley. She's our little girl. She's completed our family and she means everything to my boys. We need her home. I can't be without her.

Police and the FBI have worked together in an exhaustive search for Lisa Irwin, performing an intense search of Irwin's home and the surrounding area, and interviewing neighbors and acquaintances of the family.

So far, there have been no major leads in the case, even with over 300 law officers using helicopters, all-terrain vehicles and door-to-door interviews as they searched for the missing infant.

According to police officials, the one possibility that they are working on is that someone entered from the front door and took the baby away, since there were no signs of forced entry into the house.

The missing baby girl has blue eyes, blonde hair, is 30 inches tall and weighs around 28 pounds. The clothes in which she was seen last were purple shorts and a purple shirt with pictures of white kittens on it.

She has a cold with a cough, a small bug bite under her left ear, a beauty mark on her outer right thigh, and two bottom teeth.

Police are urging people with any possible information that could lead to Lisa's whereabout to call TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477, or 911.