A Denver cardiologist was arrested Monday after ten women accused him of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting them, after meeting them on dating apps.

Stephen Matthews, 35, was first arrested on March 27 after a woman accused him of drugging her during a brunch date and taking her back to his place, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her, according to CBS News. He was arrested Monday for the second time this year.

The first victim told the investigators they had met on the dating app called Hinge and spoke for several weeks before agreeing to meet for brunch on Jan. 29. She added they then went to his home, after which she had no memory of what happened.

The police arrested Matthews in March, and since then, an additional nine victims have come forward and reported similar experiences of blacking out, while they were in the doctor's company.

The sexual assault cases began in 2019, and the victims reported losing large portions of their memory after Matthews' allegedly offered them drinks.

Court documents revealed one woman told investigators that she met the cardiologist on Tinder in 2019. After having mimosas with him over brunch, the woman said she went back to his place and had a drink that Matthews made for her.

"After the drink things became very blurry," the woman said.

She said she couldn't remember what happened and later woke up in her apartment to find "Dr. Matthews having sex with her."

When she told the cardiologist she wouldn't meet him again, "he sent her photos of her naked in the hot tub," the affidavit said.

Another woman also told the police she met Matthews on Hinge in 2020 or 2021. He said she could come "to the hospital so they could 'hook up' there and that many other women had done it," the affidavit said. But she turned him down and agreed to meet him at his home.

The woman said she had consensual sex with him the first time, but added she doesn't remember much from the second time they met, during which he had given her a drink.

"She blacked out and does not remember anything after that point," the affidavit said.

Matthews is now charged with 16 felony counts involving a total of 10 victims. These include charges of sexual assault on a helpless victim, sexual assault without consent, sexual assault on an incapable victim and second-degree assault involving drugging women.

Officials arrested him Monday and recovered evidence from his home. He is being held in Denver jail without bond.

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