‘The 100’
How will Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) life change with the arrival of Madi (Imogen Tear) in “The 100” Season 5? The CW

“The 100” Season 4 recently aired its finale episode that featured a six- to seven-year time jump.

In “Praimfaya,” Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is revealed to be well and good. She got a haircut, and she’s also shown with a young companion that could very well be her own daughter. But while speaking with TV Line, executive producer Jason Rothenberg clarified that Madi (Imogen Tear) is not Clarke’s biological daughter. However, the young character will play a crucial role in the upcoming episodes of Season 5.

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“She’s a Nightblood named Madi, and she’s been with her for five years. They are, for all intents and purposes, bonded the way a mother and daughter would be. So Clarke loves her, and her decision-making process has changed, just as it does for anyone who has a child. We’ll tell the story of how they came together in Season 5, and how they’ve been surviving as the only two people on the planet – until that ship shows up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rothenberg also opened up about Clarke and Bellamy’s (Bob Morley) relationship and how their recent decisions in the finale could change their dynamic. In the installment, Clarke was so certain she would die because of Abby’s (Paige Turco) premonition. As such, she urged Bellamy to figure things out on his own because she could no longer help him. But in the end, Clarke survived.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the EP said, “Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of – on some level – Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they are going to survive or not depended on how well those two human beings worked together – whether romantic or otherwise.”

Additionally, Rothenberg confirmed that Season 5 will heavily feature flashbacks that will reveal how Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Bellamy made it out of the bunker. But he reminded viewers that flashbacks have always been part of the hit series.

The premiere date for “The 100” Season 5 hasn’t been announced yet, but the series will most likely return to television in January 2018.