• The victim was a grade 12 student
  • He was rushed to a local hospital with fatal injuries 
  • The accused was charged with murder Monday 

A 15-year-old teen in Australia has been charged in connection with the murder of a 17-year-old boy, who was fatally stabbed at a junior basketball stadium last week.

A fight broke out between the victim, identified as Bless Akoch, and the accused at Eagle Stadium in Werribee, Melbourne, on Friday evening during which the victim was stabbed multiple times. Akoch, a grade 12 student, was rushed to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries where he died during treatment a few hours later, The Age reported.

The accused, whose identity was not released, was taken into custody Monday. He appeared in court the same day and was charged with murder.

The reason behind the fight was not known. However, police confirmed that the attack was not related to any competition held at the stadium.

Meanwhile, friends and family members of Akoch remembered him as a "lovely boy" who was a passionate basketball player.

"He did a lot of science subjects in his school like psychology, biology, and physics," his friend, David Mureal, told 9News.

Epz Solomona, another friend, paid tribute saying that Akoch had "taught [him] everything, the good, the bad, the ugly."

"Since the beginning, you embraced me. We have a love-hate relationship but you helped me make me who I am today," Solomona wrote, The Age reported.

Akoch’s family members said his mother was in disbelief and was struggling to come to terms with the loss.

Meanwhile, parents, whose children played at the basketball stadium, called the incident a "terrible thing" and said they were in shock.

"We as parents are feeling scared," one mother told 9News.

"It's a terrible thing. It's a shock to the core and I hope that they're okay, I hope the whole family finds the strength to get through this," another parent said.

A GoFundMe page was started to raise money for the victim’s funeral.

"This go fund-me was initiated to raise funds for the funeral expenses of Bless Akoch. Bless was a diligent young man, who took pride in his education and was determined to graduate from Good News Lutheran College this year. It is highly unfortunate that he was taken away from this world so soon, as he was barely able to celebrate his 18th birthday," his friend, Gladys Taban, wrote.

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