• The 17-year-old boy attacked the 16-year-old victim after luring her to a secluded park in July 2021
  • The boy threw away the girl's phone and left her alone and soaked in blood for hours after stabbing her at least 99 times
  • The victim survived her life-threatening injuries and has since returned to school

A 17-year-old boy in England was handed a life sentence after stabbing a disabled girl at least 99 times last year.

The teenage boy, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, attacked the 16-year-old victim after luring her to a secluded park known as The Orchards in Sittingbourne, Kent, in July 2021, Yahoo News U.K. reported.

After repeatedly stabbing the victim, the boy fled, threw away the girl's phone and left her alone and soaked in blood. The victim was left in the park for seven hours before she was found by a man walking his dog on the morning of July 22, 2021.

The boy also Googled whether or not the U.K. still had a death penalty following the attack.

The victim was left with numerous life-threatening injuries but managed to survive. She has since returned to school.

The teenage boy, who was 16 at the time of the incident, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was given a discretionary life sentence. He will be "detained at her Majesty's pleasure" for at least 10 years before being considered for release, Kent Online reported.

Should he be released from prison, he will be subject to a "whole life license," according to Yahoo News U.K.

"You had a murderous attempt in your head. This was a savage and brutal attack which was premeditated," Judge Philip Statman said. "Your victim remained in her fetal position in The Orchards for six hours yet your victim fought for her life and won."

According to prosecutor Martin Yale, the boy lured the victim to the park in order to carry out a "premeditated attack."

“He began messaging his victim on Snapchat and he instigated a meeting," Yale said. "He met his victim at her back gate in the early hours. As they walked, the two of them were having a laugh, and on one occasion, he gave her a piggyback."

The prosecutor said the boy also carried a bag with him, believed to have contained weapons and a change of clothing.

When they arrived at the park, the boy made an excuse to use the toilet and disappeared before returning and starting the stabbing spree, which the victim estimated to have continued for up to three minutes.

By the time the victim was found, she was in critical condition, and doctors struggled to find a pulse. She was treated for wounds to the liver, pancreas, lungs and kidney, among many others.

Detectives discovered that the teenage boy had been viewing images including serial killer Ted Bundy. They also found that within minutes of the attack, the boy had been searching online for details of murders in Sittingbourne.

The teenage boy's lawyer said the defendant struggled with his mental health during the lockdown, including talking about ending his life and taking a knife to his bedroom. The boy's parents sought professional help and "did all they could," but it was not until after his arrest that his conditions were diagnosed, according to the attorney.

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