• The 18-year-old boy is accused of attempting to rob an 81-year-old woman at a Walgreens in Minnesota on Dec. 23
  • The victim suffered a brain bleed, broken pelvis and other injuries after being violently pulled onto the sidewalk
  • The teen was arrested after his mother told police she recognized her son's coat in surveillance footage showing the incident

An 18-year-old boy wanted by police in Minnesota for an attempted robbery has been turned in by his own mother.

The suspect, identified as Isaiah Jamal Foster, of Richfield, Minnesota, was charged with aggravated robbery and assault for allegedly trying to rob 81-year-old Judith Stuthman at a Walgreens in St. Paul on Dec. 23, Fox 9 reported, citing the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.

Following the incident, St. Paul police, in a bid to track down the attacker, released surveillance footage showing the suspect trying to snatch the elderly woman's purse, which was strapped around her wrist, as she was entering the store.

In the video, the victim could be seen being violently pulled onto the sidewalk and falling to the ground outside the store when the suspect tried to run away with her bag. The suspect was wearing a mask and a hooded jacket in the footage.

The 81-year-old woman suffered a brain bleed, broken pelvis and other injuries as a result of the incident, authorities said.

She was given treatment at a hospital but has since been released, the New York Post reported.

"What went through my mind was 'he’s not getting my purse,'" the victim was quoted as saying by Fox 9. "And I didn’t realize until I saw the video that I had grasped onto the sliding door at Walgreen. Apparently, I knocked it off its track which is a surprise. I just know I was unconscious."

Foster was arrested after his mother saw the surveillance footage. She told police that she recognized the coat the suspect was wearing at the time of the incident and that she was convinced it was her teenage son, according to a criminal complaint.

"I'm 100% sure that is him," said the suspect's mother, whose name was not disclosed.

Foster's mom said she wanted to do the right thing despite having little trust in police officers, the report said. She told authorities that she did not raise her son that way and decided to turn him in after "praying on it," cops said.

Foster was already in custody as a suspect in a carjacking incident in St. Paul Tuesday when his mother reported him to authorities, according to Fox 9. He was wearing the same jacket when apprehended.

His elderly victim was grateful to Foster's mother for turning her son in to police.

"Thanks to her, but it had to be a terrible trauma to her also," said Stuthman.

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