It is not exactly easy to run six miles every day, especially after finishing a grueling shift at work. However, this does not seem to be a problem for a 19-year-old man, who was recently caught on camera running home from work at midnight in India.

The man, identified as Pradeep Mehra, was recorded by Indian filmmaker and author Vinod Kapri, who shared the clip on Twitter on Sunday.

The video begins with Kapri offering Mehra a ride home, which is politely turned down by the latter. Mehra says he is aspiring to join the Indian army, and this is his way of training himself amid his busy schedule.

The man's unusual move stoked Kapri's curiosity, and as Mehra continued to reveal astonishing details about him in rapid succession, his responses left the filmmaker increasingly impressed.

In the video, the man tells Kapri he is running at this late hour, after his shift at McDonald's, because he doesn't have any other time to train. When Kapri advises him to wake up early in the morning, Mehra says he cannot do that as he has to wake up early to cook food before work.

The man goes on to reveal he is originally from the state of Uttarakhand, and it is his daily routine to cover the six-mile stretch from his job in the northern city of Noida's Sector 16 to his home in Barola, where he lives with his brother.

Kapri, who maintains the same speed as Mehra, then tells him this video is going to go viral. "Who's going to recognise me?" the man is heard saying in the video. "If it goes viral, it's okay, it's not like I am doing anything wrong."

In the video, Mehra tells the filmmaker he plans to cook a meal for himself and his brother once he is home. Kapri then offers to have dinner with him, which is again turned down by Mehra. "No, but my older brother will be left hungry then," the man replies.

"Pradeep, you're amazing," says Kapri. "Let me please drop you home," the filmmaker says, in a last-ditch attempt to convince him, but Mehra refuses again. "No no, I'll go like this, otherwise my running will get ruined. This is my everyday routine," the 19-year-old says.

The post, rightly captioned: "Pradeep's story will inspire millions," has till now received 3.8 million views, and crossed 153,000 likes, with people profusely praising Mehra for his go-getter attitude.

Indian army Pixabay