A 19-year-old boy in the United Kingdom was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment Tuesday for brutally stabbing his grandmother with a fork during an argument over dinner table manners.

The accused, identified as Conna Hardy, his grandmother and other family members were enjoying dinner when he took a piece of food out of his mouth and placed it on his younger sister’s plate. Upon noticing this, the grandmother put it back on the boy's plate. This resulted in an argument between the two, Chronicle Live reported. 

"Don't do that again or I will stab you," Hardy reportedly told his grandmother before throwing a bone at her. "I told you not to push me too far," he added.

The accused then picked up a fork and stabbed his grandmother several times with it. The fork was so deeply embedded in her hand that medics had to be called to the home to remove it.

Speaking in court, the grandmother outlined how the attack has left her terrified.

"The physical injuries I sustained have left scarring and cause discomfort due to cramp. Mentally the attack has caused me considerable distress. I suffer nightmares and have trouble sleeping," she told the court, Daily Record reported. 

"I want no further contact with Conna Hardy despite him being my grandson. I'm genuinely scared if I see him again, he will physically attack me and cause me serious injury," she added.

The court heard that the teen had a history of abusing his grandmother.

"The complainant had a difficult relationship with the defendant, he was frequently abusive towards her. The day before the attack, he walked into the kitchen when she was washing dishes and threw a plate towards her and said 'wash that you f*****g slave b***h,'" a prosecutor told the court.

The teen pleaded guilty to wounding his grandmother and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment Tuesday.

Last month, an 18-year-old Virginia teen with a violent history was arrested for beating his grandmother to death before calling 911 and saying he found her lying unconscious on the floor.

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