A man in Staten Island was arrested after he was caught on camera putting a woman's body in a large bin in the driveway of a building, the New York City Police Department said.

Glen Brancato, 56, was arrested Saturday, a day after the woman's body was discovered in the plastic bin, according to a Monday statement provided to McClatchy News, the Charlotte Observer reported.

The officers retrieved surveillance footage that captured two men coming out of the Herberton Avenue building, which has eight apartment units, with the topless body of the victim, identified as 26-year-old Lahuma Payton. The police are on the lookout for the unidentified second suspect.

Payton was dragged to the driveway by one of the suspects, and then left inside the plastic bin, which was the kind typically used to store holiday decorations.

It was suspected the woman overdosed on drugs before her body was dumped.

Payton's body was found half-dressed and covered in a blanket from the bin around 5:50 a.m. Friday, officials said.

"I saw the body that was next to the bins," a resident told SILive.com. "She was just by the bins."

"Like garbage," the unidentified female resident added. "The thing is why everyone is so concerned, because that's a woman. We are women as well... that's why everyone needs to be checked on once in a while. Everybody needs to come together as a community and try to see who we can help as a community because there's a lot of children who live over here."

Officials said Brancato knew the victim, and was at home when the cops arrived to find the body.

Brancato's landlord said the suspects' were clearly captured in the surveillance footage.

"From the video you can clearly see who's on the tapes," he previously told PIX11 News. "Nobody should be treated like that ever. They threw her out like trash."

Brancato was arrested Saturday. The charges against him were announced Monday.

The charges include concealment of a human corpse, criminal tampering and obstructing governmental administration in connection with the incident.

Brancato was previously involved in more than 30 other arrests over the past three decades. Most of the arrests were related to drugs.

The police are still waiting for the medical examiner to determine the victim's cause of death, and are also on the lookout for the second suspect.

Representation. A police line. hunt-er/Pixabay