For the first year since 1996, no player was elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Craig Biggio finished the closest to getting the required 75 percent of the vote. In his first year on the ballot, the former second baseman received 68.2 percent of the votes.

More than half of the writers left both Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds off their ballots. Clemens got 214 votes in his first year of eligibility, which is good enough for 37.6 percent. Bonds finished ninth on the 2013 ballot with 36.2 percent.

Despite their successful careers, neither Clemens nor Bonds was expected to make it to Cooperstown. Both have been under heavy suspicion of steroid use, and even been tried by the U.S. government for lying under oath about their history with performance-enhancing drugs.

The biggest surprise may have been Mike Piazza not being elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. The all-time leader in home runs for a catcher was once considered a guarantee to make the Hall of Fame. There has never been any evidence presented that the former Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets catcher ever used PED’s.

Former starting pitcher Jack Morris has been on the ballot for 14 years, but finishes a few percentage points short each year. He was second on the 2013 ballot with 67.7 percent.

A few players who weren’t expected to have a chance of being elected registered a few votes.

Former starting pitcher Aaron Sele got exactly one vote. He pitched from 1993-2007, picking up 148 career wins and a 4.67 ERA. Shawn Green got two votes in his first year of eligibility. He may be best known for hitting four home runs in one game.

Below is the a complete 2013 BBWAA MLB Hall of Fame ballot.

Craig Biggio: 388 votes (68.2%)

Jack Morris: 385 votes (67.7%)

Jeff Bagwell: 339 votes (59.6%)

Mike Piazza: 329 votes (57.8%)

Tim Raines: 297 votes (52.2%)

Lee Smith: 272 votes (47.8%

Curt Schilling: 221 votes (38.8%)

Roger Clemens: 214 votes (37.6%)

Barry Bonds: 206 votes (36.2%)

Edgar Martinez: 204 votes (35.9%)

Alan Trammell: 191 votes (33.6%)

Larry Walker: 123 votes (21.6%)

Fred McGriff: 118 votes (20.7%)

Dale Murphy: 106 votes (18.6%)

Mark McGwire: 96 votes (16.9%)

Don Mattingly: 75 votes (13.2%)

Sammy Sosa: 71 votes (12.5%)

Rafael Palmeiro: 50 votes (8.8%)

Bernie Williams: 19 votes (3.3%)

Kenny Lofton: 18 votes (3.2%)

Sandy Alomar Jr.: 16 votes (2.8%)

Julio Franco: 6 votes (1.1%)

David Wells: 5 votes (0.9%)

Steve Finley: 4 votes (0.7%)

Shawn Green: 2 votes (0.4%)

Aaron Sele: 1 vote (0.2%)

Jeff Cirillo: no votes

Royce Clayton: no votes

Jeff Conine: no votes

Roberto Hernandez: no votes

Ryan Klesko: no votes

Jose Mesa: no votes

Reggie Sanders: no votes

Mike Stanton: no votes

Todd Walker: no votes

Rondell White: no votes

Woody Williams: no votes