Screenshot from “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL” video teaser HYBE LABELS/YouTube


  • Tomorrow X Together (TXT) will release its third regular album on Oct. 13
  • Pre-orders for the group's upcoming album opens Wednesday at 11 a.m. KST
  • Additional details about the album will be provided in a separate Weverse notice

MOAs – Tomorrow X Together (TXT) fans – are in for a treat as BigHit Music announced that the fourth-generation K-Pop boy group will release its third regular album, "The Name Chapter: FREEFALL," in October.

BigHit Music surprised MOAs Wednesday midnight KST by dropping a video teaser for TXT's upcoming album. It also announced an album release information notice on Weverse.

Here are facts about "The Name Chapter: FREEFALL" that every MOA should take note of so far.


It will be TXT's third regular or full-length album.

"The Name Chapter: FREEFALL" is TXT's third regular album after releasing "The Dream Chapter: Magic" in 2019 and "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze" in 2021.

According to one MOA, the five-member group appears to release a full-length album every two years.


TXT's third regular album will be released in October.

With BigHit Music's announcement that TXT's third regular album will drop on Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. KST, they are looking forward to the love and support from MOAs.

After announcing the album's release date in an initial Weverse notice, BigHit Music will provide another update to reveal additional details about TXT's upcoming album.


TXT's upcoming album showcases a new logo change.

The new theme of TXT's album is featured in the short video teaser Hybe Labels released on YouTube.

With every era and album release, TXT showcases a different logo.


MOAs can already pre-save the album on Spotify and Apple Music.

While waiting for the official release of "The Name Chapter: FREEFALL," MOAs can already pre-save the album on Spotify and Apple Music via this link: https://presave.umusic.com/txt

Included in the website is a "Join the mailing list" option for MOAs, so they won't miss an update on their idol group's upcoming album release.


"The Name Chapter: FREEFALL" will reportedly have nine tracks.

According to one MOA who already pre-saved the album, pre-saving the album showed that TXT's upcoming record will contain nine tracks.

Meanwhile, TXT's second full-length album, "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze," featured eight tracks.


Pre-orders for TXT's third full album will open on Wednesday.

After pre-saving TXT's upcoming album, MOAs can also start securing their physical copies as pre-orders open on Wednesday at 11 a.m. KST.

Pre-orders will be available on Weverse Shop and other similar music stores.

In other news, TXT premiered the "Do It Like That" music video shoot sketch on the group's official YouTube channel, more than a month after the official music video for the group's collaboration song with The Jonas Brothers released on July 7.

Watch it here:

TXT at Lollapalooza Chicago. instagram.com/yawnzzn