• Cops arrived at the house to find a strong coffee smell coming from the bathtub
  • Investigators chipped away the concrete and got a strong smell of decomposition 
  • The two suspects were at the house when investigators found the body 

Two men were arrested in connection with the murder of an elderly man, whose body was found encased in concrete in a bathtub in a Honolulu home.

Cops found the body while searching the house, located in one of Hawaii’s most exclusive, gated communities.

Juan Tejedor Baron, 23, and Scott Hannon, 34, were arrested in Southern California by L.A. police and U.S. marshals in connection with the 73-year-old victim's death. Honolulu police were on the hunt for the two men, who had been on the run after cops found the body inside the house, according to ABC News.

Cops were investigating a missing person’s case when they arrived at the victim’s house on Hawaii Loa Ridge on Tuesday. The deceased man’s brother had reported him missing following which officials proceeded to conduct a welfare check at his home. Both Baron and Hannon were inside the house when cops were at the house. Investigators felt a strong smell of coffee coming from the bathtub at the time.

Lt. Deena Thoemmes of the Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division said the standalone bathtub was filled with concrete and was topped with coffee grounds, possibly placed to mask the smell of decomposition.

“When we entered, we smelled coffee no doubt,“ Thoemmes said, according to Hawaii News Now. “The body was in the standalone tub and it was in a state of decomposition once we chipped away at the concrete mixture.”

The decomposing smell was later overpowering the coffee smell, Thoemmes said.

The body was identified as that of the owner of the house. Cops said the victim and Baron were in an intimate relationship with each other before the murder.

Investigators reportedly did not have enough probable cause to detain the two suspects after the body was found inside the house. Baron and Hannon were subsequently on the run before being arrested in California, according to a statement released by the Honolulu police.

“Both suspects were booked into the Los Angeles Police Department Metropolitan Detention Center. Charges are pending,” the statement said.

Neighbors of the victim were shocked to hear the news of the man’s murder.

“I think it’s just absolutely terrible that that happened,” Sydney Holst, a Hawaii Loa Ridge resident, told Hawaii News Now. “I mean, we’ve never had a serious crime like this happened before.”

“We’ve heard of small robberies, but never to something at this degree,” the neighbor added.

Investigation into the man’s death continues. “We don’t know if there was a weapon used at this point. That’s still early on in our investigation,” Thoemmes was quoted saying.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay