On Monday, the Washington Nationals unveiled their latest creation to their menu lineup. The StrasBurger, named after right-handed pitcher Stephen Strasburg, is whopping 8-pounds of pure Nationals greatness.

The StrasBurger is a beef burger that includes a combination of ground brisket, chuck and ribs. The burger is served on a bun with a Nationals secret sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickle chips. The burger is also served with a cone basket of French fries and pitcher of soda, according to the Washington Post.

This isn't the first time a burger was named after Strasburg. In 2010, several local eateries offered their own version of the Strasburger, reported NBC.

The Glory Days Grill featured a burger with guacamole, red pepper rings and pepper jack cheese. The Burger Joint offered a hot dog that lays atop a burger bun with melted cheddar cheese. The Tortilla Coast Strasbuger included two honey glazed burgers, pepper jack cheese and fried onions, reported NBC.

At the stadium, there will also be special deals that will pair food and local brews.  The stadium will also feature the Taste of the Majors, a stand that offers food of each visiting team. The Washington Post listed the full list of foods offered the Taste of the Majors stand.

Atlanta: Smothered Fried Chicken Platter

Baltimore: Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich Platter

Arizona: Arizona Dog Platter

Chicago: Chicago Dog Platter

Cincinnati: 5-Way Cincinnati Chili

Colorado: Colorado 'Mile High' Burger

Houston: Houston Nacho

Los Angeles: L.A. Dog Platter

Miami: Miami Cuban Dog

Milwaukee: Milwaukee Beer Brat Platter

New York (Mets and Yankees): Coney Dog Platter

Philadelphia: Philly Chicken Cheese Steak Platter

Pittsburgh: Pitts Burger Platter

St. Louis: BBQ Rib Platter

San Diego: San Diego Fish Taco Platter

San Francisco: San Fran Garlic Fries and Shrimp Platter

Tampa Bay: Tampa Salty Dog Platter