At 89, she has power no less than a healthy young man's. In an amusing event, an 89-year-old woman caused dent to the car of two people who stole her friend's purse. She used a cane stick to do so, and the authorities were able to track down the getaway car based on the cane's imprint, the Pennsylvania police said.

New Castle police Chief Thomas Sansone said, the woman and her 82-year-old friend had stopped outside a pizza shop on Sunday, when 27-year-old Jerry Brown Jr. grabbed the purse of the lady. But he couldn't get away before the 89-year-old banged the car's trunk with her cane, an AP report stated.

Police could later find the car easily based on the description of the robber and the dents matching the cane. Brown and 21-year-old Tatiana Vargas, who accompanied Brown were arrested.

The two are jailed in Lawrence County on charges of robbery.