Aaron Hernandez Arrest
Law enforcement sources are working on a theory that Odin Lloyd may have "mouthed off" about "secrets" concerning Aaron Hernandez's criminal past. Reuters

Two months ago, Aaron Hernandez was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. However, that isn’t the only homicide investigation of which the former New England Patriots player is at the center of.

Shortly after Hernandez was arrested in connection with the death Lloyd, authorities began investigating the suspect and his relation to another case. In July 2012, two people were found dead after having been shot at a traffic light. A third passenger survived being hit, while two others avoided the gunfire. Police believe that Hernandez may have been involved with the incident.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, police believe Hernandez was a part of a group that got into a fight with the victims earlier in the night of the shooting. The skirmish took place at the night club Cure. Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado drove away in a BMW sedan after the fight and were later found dead.

The Globe reports that Lloyd may have knew about Hernandez’s involvement in the slaying of Abreu and Furtado. Reports have speculated that Hernandez may have killed Lloyd to make sure he’d stay quiet about the matter.

A year after the murder, it appears that police are finally making some progress on the investigation. The ballistics for a gun that was found in a car that crashed this June match the markets on the bullets found after the incident in July 2012. Jailene Diaz-Ramos, who was driving the car with the gun in it, told police the firearm belonged to her boyfriend.

The new evidence that authorities have uncovered could lead them to the former NFL star. Diaz-Ramos told police, in regards to her boyfriend, that "he was the last one to use the car to visit a football player,” according to CNN. The name of the football player was never given. Diaz-Ramos and her boyfriend are both from Hernandez’s hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.

It took police nearly a year to find a car that was connected to the scene of the crime from the murders in Boston. Law enforcement sources tell CNN that Hernandez is believed to have rented the silver SUV that the cops had been searching for.