aaron hernandez
Aaron Hernandez could eventually be charged in another murder case. Reuters

The evidence against Aaron Hernandez keeps piling up. Authorities have discovered footage that may link the former NFL star to murder in 2012.

Hernandez is currently in jail after being accused of killing Odin Lloyd in June. However, police are also investigating his role in the deaths of two men last year. On July 16, 2012, a double-homicide occurred in Boston’s South End. Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were killed during a drive-by shooting. According to Jerry Wilson of the Hartford Courant, a video shows Hernandez and the two men at the same nightclub on the evening of their deaths.

Two days after the football player was arrested on murder charges, the car that authorities were reportedly looking for in the drive-by shooting was taken from the home of Hernandez’s uncle. It is thought that Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, who allegedly were with Hernandez when Lloyd died, were staying in the uncle’s house.

It’s unknown why Hernandez would participate in the murder of Abreu and Furtado. There has been speculation that Hernandez wanted Lloyd dead because he knew about the 2012 incident. A Rolling Stone article detailed Hernandez’s alleged PCP use, which made him paranoid and led him to carrying a gun everywhere.

Hernandez has yet to be charged in the case from last year. Other than the video, police have found the gun that was, reportedly, used in the shooting. It was found in the trunk of a car driven by Jailene Diaz-Ramos after she got into a car accident on June 21. She told police that football player friends of a man named Chicago put some of their belongings in the car.

Hernandez is currently standing trial for the death of Lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancée’s sister and a semi-pro football player. Authorities are still looking for more evidence to help them get a conviction, including the murder weapon. They do, however, have footage of Hernandez returning to his home on the night of Lloyd’s death, while holding a gun.