• Porn star Ron Jeremy asks Twitter to help him save his tree
  • Jeremy was alerted by his neighbor that his tree's trunk was wrapped with yellow tape
  • Jeremy tweeted about his love for the tree, which was planted by his father when he was born

Adult film actor and standup comedian Ron Jeremy took to Twitter, Sunday, to call for help in saving the tree his father had planted on his birthday.

The Queens resident tweeted to his followers to help him save his tree, which he said had been marked by utility Con Edison to be cut down.

“This tree was planted by my dad the day I was born. Please let Con Edison know that they cannot tear down this tree,” he tweeted and tagged Con Edison, an energy company that provides gas and steam to Westchester and New York City.

The tweet includes a photo showing Jeremy hugging his cherished tree on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens, NY, where the veteran adult film actor lives.

Con Edison replied to his tweet and said that they are not involved with removing or pruning Jeremy’s tree. The company asked him to contact the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

According to Daily News, Jeremy, who is in Hollywood, was alerted by his neighbor that his tree’s trunk was wrapped in yellow tape.

He recalled that the authorities tried to chop the tree down several years ago, but he didn’t let them. He revealed that he belted himself to the tree.

After Jeremy posted about his beloved tree and how precious it is for him, netizens were quick to show their empathy and support.

Jeremy asked his followers to trend "help Ron Jeremy save his wood" and tagged New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sarah Silverman, Howard Stern, and other personalities.

A Twitter user named Jack tweeted "#SaveRonsWood" to show support. Another user named Paul Galyon Jr. tagged NYC Parks and asked them to trim the tree if it is healthy.

“This is Ron’s last connection to his father. If the tree is still healthy and growing why not trim it back and accommodate him. And others in the neighborhood may enjoy the shade that it’s providing. Just a simple request and thank you for your time,” Galyon Jr. said.

The New York Post spoke with the NYC Parks and learned that the department couldn’t immediately address Jeremy’s concerns over the particular tree. It was made clear, however, that trees are will only be removed if they pose a risk or are in poor health.

“We appreciate Mr. Jeremy’s personal attachment to the tree in front of his childhood home,” Megan Moriarty, spokeswoman for NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, said.

“Our city’s street trees are not just environmental assets, they can also connect us to our roots, reminding us of the people and places we love,” she added.

Ron Jeremy
Adult Film Actor Ron Jeremy appears at Virgin Megastore Union Square to sign DVD copies of Being Ron Jeremy in New York City, March 15, 2005. Getty Images