A small bear cub wandered into a Ketchikan, Alaska grocery store on Saturday and hopped up onto the fruit and vegetable display to inspect the goods.

The cub's grocery shopping was a big amusement at Tatsuda's IGA supermarket as customers nervously gathered around to watch.

The cub wandered back and forth in the Southern Alaska store before police arrived and debated snagging it from the lettuce display.

Officers tried to coax the cub down before a burly male costumer stepped in, grabbed the baby bear, and carried it outside.

Employees said the cub entered the store just like everybody else through the automatic doors. Costumers, who shot video footage of the cub's antics, noted that he appeared to be on the small side for the time of year and was very hungry.

Fish and Game area wildlife management biologist Boyd Porter told local radio station KRBD the cub was probably born in mid-February and said it should have been 50-60lbs and only looked to be around 20lbs.

Bear cubs tend to feed mainly on green vegetation and berries before shifting over to salmon and other foods when they grow older.

Store owner Katherine Tatsuda told KRBD that the bear was likely trying to hide and fascinated with its image in the mirrors behind the display.

Luckily, no mother bear was sighted in the area.

The grocery store had to throw away all the vegetables in the produce case after the cub's romp, according to KRBD. Thousands of dollars of produce was donated to a local livestock owner.

The video (below) is a little bit shaky at first, but you will soon see the cub come into focus. Things pick up around the 40-second mark.