Amanda Knox is gradually adjusting to life outside of her Italian jail cell and slowly reacquainting herself with her old friends, including former boyfriend David Johnsrud.

Knox and Johnsrud parted ways when they left the University of Washington to travel on separate exchange programs - Knox to Italy and Johnsrud to China.

However, soon after their breakup, Knox latched on to a new man, Rafaelle Sollecito, who bears a striking resemblance to her former crush.

Of course, what happened next would split the two apart. Knox and Sollecito were charged with the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher and convicted in 2009. They were sentenced to 26 and 25 years respectively. A third defendant, Rudy Hermann Guede, was also convicted and had his 16-year prison sentence upheld by Italy's highest court.

Knox and Sollecito spent the next four years in jail in Perugia, Italy before their acquittal last week.

The two have remained friendly. They rode to the jail together Monday night to grab their things and Knox's family has even asked Sollecito to come visit them in Seattle. Sollecito is reportedly planning to make the trip before the end of the year.

Unlike Knox, who gave a press conference immediately after returning home to Seattle, Sollecito, a computer studies graduate, has remained far away from the public eye. He has not left his home since his release from jail last Monday night.

Knox, however, wasted no time catching up with her old fling. She was caught secretly meeting with Johnsrud (who goes by DJ) almost immediately after her return to America.

Her dad, Curt Knox, cautioned that the romance has not been rekindled.

She has been around DJ yeah, he said outside the family's home. I think it's a little early to be dealing with that romance, he added.

You have to understand when Amanda develops a friendship it's not a superficial friendship. This concept of boyfriend and girlfriend, no I mean -- to kind of give you an example, a lot of the friends that have been visiting her from her university have known her longer in prison then they knew her in college.

That is kind of recognition of the type of friendships she develops. Just because it's a male or female does not mean boyfriend or girlfriend, I mean it's a friendship and that's what it is, Mr. Knox said.

When probed as to whether or not Johnsrud was happy to see her, Mr. Knox replied Absolutely, everybody was glad to see her.

Everybody's desire was for her to come home, knowing she had nothing to do with this, that has been the focus and now people are getting the opportunity to reconnect with her face to face, which is really nice.

Mr. Knox said that several other friends and relatives had visited Amanda as well.

Johnsrud, who's Facebook Activities and Interests include Free Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, stayed in touch with Knox throughout the court proceedings through letters and phone calls. Johnsrud also attended Knox's original trial back in 2009 and visited Amanda behind bars in Italy last year.

While in prison, Knox reportedly wrote a letter to her former Italian lover saying that she still had feelings for Johnsrud.

Johnsrud told the London Mirror in 2010 that he visited the Knox's family home each weekend to listen in on Amanda's phone calls from her Italian jail.

Though separated, they still kept in touch at the time of the 2007 murder. Knox even wrote on Johnsrud's Facebook wall at the time My room mate has been murdered!

He told the London Mirror in 2010 if Knox was freed, they were planning on getting away together.

We'll go backpacking, away from any cameras, he said.

That could be tricky for the time being. Knox has been advised to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. As for the relationship with Johnsrud, that too will likely remain a closely guarded secret.