Scott and Brooke on "The Amazing Race"
What do the winners of "The Amazing Race," like Season 29 champs Scott Flanary and Brooke Camhi, actually take home from the competition? Michele Crowe/CBS

It seems like it could be anyone’s game to win going into the Season 29 finale of “The Amazing Race.” However, some new hints may suggest just which team took home the big prize of $1 million.

In an unexpected twist during the last few legs, strong teams who seemed as though they were a sure presence in the final leg were eliminated, leaving Tara Carr and Joey Covino (#TeamMomandDad), Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary (#TeamBrookeandScott), and London Kaye and Logan Bauer (#TeamLoLo) as the teams officially racing to cross the finish line first for $1 million. While early odds have Tara and Joey placed as the favorites to win it all, there have been several hints that seem to suggest one of the other two teams, both underdogs who made it to the finale, are the ones who will actually win.

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Video previews of the finale episode seem to hint favorably towards Brooke and Scott, who spent most of the race fighting with one another, repeating their first place finish from Leg 11 in South Korea, in the final leg, which takes place in Chicago.

In an early sneak peek clip for the episode, released by CBS, Brooke and Scott are seen completing a task involving serving hot dogs to a crowd of baseball fans. Though it isn’t necessarily a sign the two are in first, they are also notably the only ones visible in the clip, with Tara and Joey and London and Logan nowhere in sight. They complete the task, receiving their next clue from Season 19 winners Ernie and Cindy, before the other teams show up.

In addition, a second clip, which focuses on Logan and London working on completing the memory challenge, where they will have to correctly order what place they came in on each leg of the race, indicates they are in third place. In that clip, they are directly behind Tara and Joey, who are searching for a clue in the stands.

However, more telling in that clip is the fact that another team appears to have already completed the task, with numbers detailing their placements on the individual legs. The numbers correspond to Brooke and Scott’s placements on the various legs, and are correct, meaning they already finished the task. Since they are not visible in that clip, while Tara and Joey and London and Logan are, it seems to be a very strong hint that the pair already passed the others. Since another video confirmed that the task is the final one of the race, it is the strongest hint that Brooke and Scott were indeed finished with each task first, and were crowned the winners of the race.

In addition, in an interview with Us Weekly, host Phil Keoghan also seemed to hint that fans should expect the unexpected when it comes to who wins, and even specifically mentioned that Brooke and Scott could surprise everyone and “should not be ruled out.”

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“They’ve found a way through humor and encouragement to do really well,” he said. “To me, they’re the most improved team.”

Will we be proven right? Find out by watching the Season 29 finale of “The Amazing Race,” airing Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.