Social networking Web site Twitter has been on fire, for a few hours now, with comments about the Amber Cole video.

According to activity on sites like Twitter and Facebook, the next big question is - Did Amber Cole commit suicide?

As of now, although the controversy has created a lot of speculation, there is no concrete evidence that Cole has, in fact, committed suicide,

A YouTube video posted on Tuesday shows a young girl defending 14-year-old Cole, who was recorded performing oral sex in a public place.

In response to that video another teenager created a video titled Leave Amber Cole Alone which went viral early on Wednesday. The video, recorded by another teenager, appears to show concern for Cole, calling for people to leave her alone and not bully her.

Many people on Twitter and Facebook had exploded with disgusting comments about the video and Cole. There are, however, other people who have spoken out in support of the young girl, fearing that such cyber-bullying could lead to increased suicide attempts.

In September, Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old boy, became a victim of the bullying. He committed suicide days before the first U.S. Education Department's National Summit Against Bullying.

Rodemeyer posted an anti-bullying video on YouTube and a month after that he committed suicide. The video It Gets Better, I promise! encouraged people who were being bullied to be strong, according to news reports. Rodemeyer's classmates had bullied him for sustained periods of time, both in person and on the Internet.

Concerned people are tweeting that the Cole situation could go down the same road as the Rodemeyer suicide.