Amber Heard echos pin-ups of another era: Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Jayne Mansfield.

Her sultry beauty is not found in many an actress today, most of whom are more soda pop than red wine.

Amber Heard stands out from the crowd.

Her style is Old Hollywood with a touch of modern flare, such as a geometric print or a fun wedge heel.

She shows women that dressing sexy does not necessarily mean flashing cleavage or wearing something skin tight.

The actress has appeared in some hilarious films (Pinapple Express) and some small screen flops (NBC's The Playboy Club) but her biggest role yet is starring alongside Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary.

In the film, Heard plays Depp's love interest. She described the role as the best experience of [her] life.

She said that she found a deep connection with her character Chenault, particularly when it comes to fashion.

They're actually very similar. I wear a lot of those clothes, she revealed in an interview with Stylist.

I take parts that I feel a connection to and in this case, Chenault is a rebel and she just happens to look like the opposite of that, she explained.

She encompasses this idea of the American dream and the 1950s, 1960s possession of the kind of perfect housewife. She might look like that but she's a rebel underneath and I certainly relate to that.

Heard's seductive looks have also been featured in the newest ads for Guess clothing line.

The 25-year-old Texas native says that her favorite place to travel is Buenos Aires. She also supports causes like GLAAD and No H8.

Amber Heard came out in 2010 at GLAAD's 25th Anniversary Party. She is currently with her partner Taysa van Ree, an artist and photographer. Van Ree has called Heard her greatest muse.