Amy Duggar opens up about being a member of her famous family. Pictured: Amy in a scene from TLC's now defunct "19 Kids and Counting" series. TLC

Amy (Duggar) King knows she’s the black sheep of the Duggar family.

The former “19 Kids and Counting” star opened up about her life choices and her famous relatives in an interview with People. In it, Amy, 28, revealed that unlike her conservative cousins, she did not save her first kiss for her wedding day, among other differences.

“I went to a Christian school all of my life, but I never felt up to the Duggar standard,” Amy told the magazine. Far different from her 19 cousins, Amy was born out of wedlock to parents Terry and Deanna Jordan, just one of the reason she considers herself to be a “free bird.”

Despite not following in her devout cousin’s footsteps – Amy admits to sharing a smooch with now-husband Dillon King prior to their September 2015 wedding – she says she doesn’t feel ashamed of her life choices. “I don’t feel guilty for being me,” she said. “I think kissing before marriage should happen.”

As for her differences, Amy says her extended family accepts that she doesn’t follow their path. “My family is very, very accepting,” she revealed. “I love them.”

Amy last opened up about her family differences following her and Dillon's honeymoon. In October, Amy told Us Weekly that her cousins, who typically announce they’re expecting months after their weddings, were surprised she didn’t come home pregnant. “My cousins asked me when I got back – they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked. I mean, shocked!” Amy said.


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While the aspiring country singer may not follow the same rules as the Duggars, she is still close to her Arkansas family. On Wednesday, Amy posted a photo of her with her cousin, Jinger Duggar. “Gym first, and now lunch with this sweet girl of mine!” she captioned the candid shot. Five days earlier, she shared a throwback photo from Jessa Seewald’s baby shower, writing, “#cousinlove.”