Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian murderer who killed 76 people in Oslo and Utoeya Island, might live 21 years in the country's Halden Fengsel prison, which has been designed to accommodate the most vile criminals such as murderers and rapists. However, the luxurious features in the jail are beyond many people's imagination.

Mass murderer Breivik might become the latest member of the Halden Fengsel prison to "pay the price" for killing 76 people. Norway doesn't have death penalty and maximum prison sentence is 21 years.

Last Friday, Breivik, who was dressed as a police officer, opened fire on a government-sponsored summer retreat, killing 68 people. Hours earlier, he detonated a bomb outside of Norway's government headquarters, killing eight.

Breivik, who is currently being held in a solitary confienment in an Oslo jail, claims there is a conspiracy to turn Europe into an Islamic Empire and says he is the first crusader in the war to take back Europe for ethnic Europeans. He also says he isn't the only one to be in the 'crusade.' However, the authorities suspect he is working alone.

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