Andrea the cat, a once stray feline, is proof cats have nine lives. Andrea survived not one, but two attempts of euthanasia in a gas chamber at a Utah animal shelter.

Here's her story.

West Valley City animal shelter ordered Andrea the car to be euthanized in October when she hadn't been adopted for 30 days after being found in a garbage can.

However, Andrea survived the gas chamber. So the shelter gassed her again.

After Andrea had no vital signs following the second attempt in the gas chamber, the cat was put in a plastic bag and stuffed in a cooler by shelter officials, but little did the shelter officials know, Andrea was still alive.

When the shelter officials checked the bag later, Andrea had vomited on herself and had hypothermia but was still alive.

It was just one of those things where they thought this cat obviously really wants to live, West Valley City spokesman Aaron Crim told the Salt Lake Tribune, admitting the shelter decided to stop euthanasia on Andrea. Let's give it a chance to find a permanent home.

For now, Andrea the cat is living with Janita Coombs, a volunteer with the Community Animal Welfare Society.

She's pretty tough, obviously, Coombs told the Salt Lake Tribune. She's definitely got some will to live.

Since reports emerged of Andrea the cat being euthanized, the Salt Lake City community and animal activists have met with the city council, enraged with the barbaric way to kill off an animal.

The word gas chamber is not a word that when people hear you think about in a civilized society, one resident reportedly said during a city council meeting.

However, West Valley City Councilman Wayne Pyle believes the gas chamber is an acceptable method.

I definitely agree in some cases it's more humane to use the injection, but I also believe in some cases it's more humane to use the gas chamber, Pyle said.

The West Valley City shelter, according to Fox 13, was opened two years ago and has been using the gas chamber as a method to put down unwanted animals since it opened.

According to Fox 13, West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder said the city will reexamine using gas chambers and promote adoption more heavily.