Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus

Jelly Bean is the next OS from Google which is in line after the recent Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich was released. Although it is one of the most happening operating systems around, yet it still lacks a few features that fans would love to see.

Here are 5 of those features

An Efficient Browser - Android fans are expecting a far better browser with the arrival of Android 5.0 this time. Most of them believe that Google will introduce its own Chrome browser with efficient on-screen tabs and a bookmark bar. Google will need to pick itself up in this area which is massively dominated by Windows and iOS whose IE and Safari have already achieved popularity. Fans are expecting more than just a Chrome Bookmark sync service which is currently available in Android 4.0.

Modified Keyboard - Google would do better this time by not depending on apps such as Swiftkey and Swype to provide a standard keyboard although they are doing a decent job. However, a custom Google-designed keyboard will be a welcome addition if it really happens.

Quicker Upgrades - The upgrading process in an Android phone takes way more time than it actually should and this is one of the most irritating features that Google must take into account and work on it accordingly. Although Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich has promised of faster upgrades, it is still to be tested and compared with the earlier Android versions.

Improved File Managing - When the Jelly Bean arrives, the first thing everybody will look for is an efficient file managing service that will categorize the immense number of media files - movies, videos and songs - in an Android-based smartphone or a tablet with as much as 32GB memory space. Though there are a host of file management apps available in the market at the moment, it is still better if Google works on the new OS and introduces a built-in File management service.

Cool Themes - Currently, Google is not providing any themes along with its Android Operating system which can be a major turn-off at times. Although versions like Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich look good, still customers would like to see something different or out-of-the-box from Google and it is expected that Jelly Bean will provide options to themes.