Alec Baldwin: I Still 'Would Love' to Run for Mayor
Alec Baldwin: I Still 'Would Love' to Run for Mayor Reuters/Kena Betancur

More than half a million Twitter users followed Alec Baldwin into the dark earlier today after he tweeted a brief It's been fun and deleted his @alecbaldwin account.

Baldwin's Twitter termination came following a spate of recent skirmishes between the newlywed actor and aggressive paparazzi, one of whom claims the 30 Rock star punched him in the face outside of New York's Marriage License Bureau late last month.

Baldwin married his yoga-instructor fiancée, Hilaria Thomas, at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Saturday. While the hot-blooded actor's tweets were uncharacteristically romantic on his wedding day (peppered with poetic sentiments from the likes of Emily Dickinson), the actor was back to his tabloid-trashing ways the following day, tweeting, If US magazine folded on Monday, would you care? Really?

This is the second time the actor has dropped out of the Twitterverse in the last six months. Baldwin quit the site in December after a being ejected from an American Airlines flight for refusing to power down his smartphone during a game of Words With Friends. Following the incident, Baldwin quickly took to Twitter and publically criticized (and insulted) the flight attendant who asked him to turn off his device.

Twitter, once largely an arena of harmless banter, death rumors and acronym-heavy tweets about Justin Bieber, is functioning more and more as a forum for high-profile celebrities who want to voice opinionated, political and sometimes inflammatory viewpoints - without their publicists as filters. Even powerful moguls with entire media empires at their disposal have found the site useful for firing off the occasional politically charged rant. Rupert Murdoch, offering his two cents on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's recent divorce announcement, blasted the Church of Scientology early Sunday morning, citing its clandestine customs as a possible reason for the couple's split.

Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop, Murdoch tweeted. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.

In the meantime, Baldwin may have passed the Twitter-ranting torch to his new wife, who changed her own Twitter handle to @hilariabaldwin as of this weekend. Mrs. Baldwin currently has 8,317 followers and counting.