Bristol Palin showed up at the Candie's 2011 benefit gala in NYC on Tuesday looking better than ever. Her appearance spawned rumors that she recently had plastic surgery.

Though sources say the rumors aren't true, recent photos show Bristol looking slimmer, with a more defined jaw line. After a media frenzy, the budding reality star changed her story and admitted to US Weekly that she had surgery.

I had corrective jaw surgery. Yes, it improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical my jaw and teeth could properly realign. I don't obsess over my face, she told the magazine.

After becoming a mother at 18, and appearing on 2010's Dancing with the Stars, where she came in 3rd place, the young Palin will once again enjoy the spotlight with her own reality show.

It's rumored that Bristol Palin will appear on the Biography Channel for a 10 episode series and it's clear she isn't letting motherhood get in the way of her career.

The Associated Press reports that she will move from Alaska to Los Angeles for the show, where she will continue to raise her two year old son, Tripp. She will be living with friend and Dancing with the Stars cast mate, Kyle Massey, and his brother.

The show will follow the life of Bristol Palin as a single mother who will be working at a small charity.