Apple iPhone users are generally happy with the experience that the operating system, iOS, provides. Still, some users of Apple iOS-based iPads, iPhones, and iPods are eager to remove the limitations imposed by the company through the use of custom kernels in a process known as jailbreaking.

The process of jailbreaking an iOS 5.1-based iPad, iPhone, or iPod can be complicated, but it can also allow Apple device owners to do much more than the company will allow such as bypassing the Apple App Store when installing applications.

There are several ways to jailbreak an iPhone, but, in this tutorial, we'll be teaching you how to use Redsn0w 0.9.10b6. We would like to emphasize that the process may void your warranty and could result in a ruined iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Please jailbreak the iPad, iPhone, or iPod at your own risk.

This unlocking method should work for all iOS 5.1 gadgets, except the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, or any other device that runs on an A5 chip. Please be patient during each step of the jailbreaking process, as it may take several minutes for your iOS 5.1-based iPad, iPhone, or iPod to update.

Step One: Download iTunes 10.6 and connect your device to your computer.

Step Two: Open iTunes and back up your device.

Step Three: Update your firmware to iOS 5.1. It can be downloaded directly from Apple Support Downloads.

Step Four: After updating your device to iOS 5.1, download the latest version of Redsn0w (Windows/Mac).

Step Five: Open Redsn0w, select Jailbreak and then Install Cydia. The software will guide you through how to turn your device into device firmware update (DFU) mode.

Step Six: After Cydia has been installed on your phone, it will reboot. Once again, turn DFU mode on and keep your phone connected to your computer. Open Redsn0w again, and, this time, choose Just Boot.

Step Seven: Boot Cydia from your iPhone. The app will bring you through a small series of directions to finish the process.

Step Eight: Enjoy!