Apple's censorship sword falls on Wikileaks app as it is purged from iTunes App Store.

Tech Digest reported that the unofficial Wikileaks app priced $1.99, had been listed for sale three days ago and was removed from the App Store today. The app aggregated information from leaked cables by Wikileaks both old and new and also siphoned feed from Twitter.

Apple's decision follows other high profile rejection of whistle blower site Wikileaks by companies like PayPal, Amazon and MasterCard. However all these sites came under DDoS attack by a Wikileaks group called The Anonymous as part of its Operation Avenge Assange.

Apple's stringent control over its App Store has resulted in some controversial acceptance and removal of apps. The most recent being an anti-gay app called Manhattan Declaration which was a call of Christian conscience against marriage. However, after receiving flak from gay supporters the app was ultimately removed.

The latest decision to purge its store of Wikileaks app raises inevitable questions as to whether infuriated Wikileaks supporters target Apple for the next DDoS attack.