Jennifer Lawrence/Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lawrence (Left) pictured at a photo call for her movie "Red Sparrow" in London on Feb. 20, 2018, is setting the record straight about her friendship with Kim Kardashian (right). Kardashian is photographed at a gala honoring Mark Bradford and George Lucas in Los Angeles on Nov. 4, 2017. John Phillips/Getty Images; Left: Tara Ziemba/AFP/Getty Images

Sorry fans hoping that Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian would become the newest best friend duo in Hollywood. It appears the friendship between the two may not be quite as close as it seemed.

While speaking at The Wing, a women's social club in New York City on Friday, Lawrence admitted that there was a possibility her friendship with the famous reality star wasn't quite as close as it was made out to be.

"I don't know if she'd call me her friend," Lawrence said at the event, joking that it was probably "one-sided."

She then admitted she had spent time with the family and gone over to Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner's, house to get to know them ahead of her stint where she hosted "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" And interviewed Kim, saying that the family is all actually really great to hang out with.

"When I found out that I was going to be interviewing her I was like, 'Oh my God my whole life has been building up to this moment,'" she said. "I wanted to get as much information as I could. I wanted to do my due diligence on Kim Kardashian. I went over to Kris [Jenner's] house and had dinner with the whole family."

Lawrence then dished on the Kardashian-Jenner clan as a whole, revealing that she was impressed by the bond they all shared with one another.

"They are smart, grounded and normal and funny. They're very nice people, [they're] very close, [they have a] loyal bond with one another, which I think is a positive thing to put out into the world," she said. "They've been absolutely lovely to me."

Of course, even if Lawrence isn't as close with Kardashian as she seemed, she has had a bond for some time with Jenner, who even posted a hilarious birthday wish for the actress back in 2015.

Back when she interviewed Kardashian on Kimmel's show, Lawrence admitted she got really drunk during that family dinner she attended, as did Jenner, and Kardashian backed up the story, saying that the actress demanded her husband, Kanye West, give her a fashion makeover.

"So Jennifer came over for dinner two weeks ago, I've never seen my mom more drunk in our lives. It was so funny. They had a few too many drinks for my taste," Kardashian said.

"I remember getting naked in your mom's closet and ordering you to dress me. You dressed me fabulously, I looked amazing," Lawrence added.