She was forced to speak up last year after an alleged friend told Life and Style magazine she was pregnant and planning to leave her “Sister Wives” family behind. Now, one year later, it appears Robyn Brown is in fact still very devoted to her large family and has no plans on leaving the group behind.

In April 2017, Kendra Pollard, who has claimed to be Robyn’s “best friend” told Life & Style that Kody Brown’s only legal wife was planning on leaving him, despite the fact that she was pregnant with their third child together.

“Robyn has been planning to divorce him for a long time,” Pollard said at the time. “Being pregnant has not changed her mind. She’s saved up enough money to retain a lawyer. This is really the end of ‘Sister Wives.’”

Robyn quickly took to Twitter to dispel the reports at the time, quickly refuting claims Kendra was her friend at all.

Since then, fans of the family know that she certainly did not have a baby, and since she was present during the show’s recently wrapped eighth season, it appears her marriage to Kody is also very much still intact.

In fact, a report from In Touch even went so far as to claim back in February that Robyn was the only wife who was actually sticking by Kody, as their reality series faced the potential for cancellation by TLC.

“His only real connection seems to be with [legal wife] Robyn now,” sources said at the time. “The other wives have all but given up on him. They mostly see him as an ex-husband who turns up to help with the children.”

The family never commented on those rumors though, and as it turned out, the recent season put a large amount of focus on a different marriage. Kody’s marriage to Meri, which has appeared strained since their divorce and her catfishing scandal, was examined more in the current season because of her decision to run a bed and breakfast in Utah.

However, despite speculation that they were splitting up, Meri cleared the air by revealing that she had no intentions of walking away from the family either.

It appears that no matter what is thrown their way, the Brown family plans to stick together through it all.

Kody and Robyn Brown of 'Sister Wives'
How are things between Robyn and Kody Brown one year after they were plagued by divorce and baby rumors? TLC