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The "Are You the One?" Season 3 cast faced another matchup ceremony in episode 3. MTV/Viacom

Last week, the second installment of “Are You the One?” Season 3 ended with a dramatic matchup ceremony. The cast of 10 single men and 10 single women were unable to find at least one perfect match, resulting in a blackout. Fresh off the loss of $250,000, a quarter of the show’s $1 million prize, and the realization that their love interests were not their perfect matches, the tension was palpable at the beginning of Wednesday's episode 3 of the MTV series.

Several couples were upset by episode 2’s outcome. Rashida, who was partnered with Tyler, had the most extreme reaction, crying over the loss of the money and calling the blackout unfair. Hannah and Chuck were baffled over the news they were not perfect matches and consoled one another. Mike even shed a few tears after learning he and Amanda were not meant to be. Despite finding out they were not a designated couple earlier in episode 2 after visiting the truth booth, Devin and Kiki continued their love affair.

The Challenge

In episode 3, the guys are chosen to compete in the getaway challenge, “These Girls Are Stacked.” Due to the competitive nature of the challenge, the guys end up picking girls they did not initially plan to pick. Ultimately, Zak and Kiki, Mike and Britni and Chuck and Amanda secure spots on the date. The couples are sent to ride jet skis.

House Drama

After learning Devin isn’t her perfect match, Kiki opens up to Chuck in the hope they might spark a connection. While Chuck says he's afraid to connect with anybody in the house other than Hannah, Kiki says she feels they complement one another. Hannah notices their interaction and gets upset. When Hannah confronts Kiki about her flirtations with Chuck, she says she no longer trusts her because she “crossed a line” by talking to the one guy in the house she has feelings for.

Meanwhile, Austin tries to take on the "AYTO?" challenge using logic. He tells his castmates they need to work with strategy, not with their hearts. Austin tells Connor he should stop being with Kayla and instead seek out a relationship with Chelsey. After initially being resistant to the idea of change, Chuck eventually bonds with Chelsey by sharing stories about his recent career change and past drug use. The duo click when Chelsey says she understands his hardships because she works at a rehabilitation center.

Truth Booth

A majority of the contestants reveal they’re voting for Britni and Mike, saying they feel they are the only couple who could potentially be a perfect match. An unexpected twist sends Zak and Kiki, who had lackluster chemistry on their date, into the truth booth. Kiki’s third trip to the booth results in another flop -- revealing Zak is not her perfect match. While the house is upset over another failure, Devin is happy about the result.

Matchup Ceremony

The girls are chosen to pick their matches in episode 3’s ceremony, which takes a dramatic turn when Amanda tells host Ryan Devlin she still feels connected to Mike. While Devlin says he understands that what the house is going through is not easy, he calls her actions, such as continuing to share a bed with Mike, “stupid.”

“You’re proving over and over again why you’re here. Be careful,” Devlin warns Amanda after she lashes out.

Mike stands up for Amanda, saying Devlin doesn’t have the right to tell them how to feel. “You can’t predetermine chemistry, and I clearly have that with her. Who are you to tell me who I want to sleep with or be with?” he says.

Ultimately, the ceremony results in three out of 10 perfect matches.

Here’s who got matched up in episode 3:











“Are You the One?” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.