“Are You the One?” episodes are always drama-packed with a little humor mixed in, but one-hour isn’t nearly enough time to air all of footage MTV captures. Ahead of the series’ two-hour finale on Monday (watch a dramatic sneak peek here!) check out some of the best clips the network didn’t show in Season 4.

First Kiss

It took Sam several episodes to work up the courage to kiss his now confirmed perfect match Sam, but she wasn’t his first “Are You the One?” kiss. A scene shot in the confessional shows Sam getting a surprise kiss on his cheek from Tori.

Nice Knees, Girl!

Morgan put himself in the doghouse with Tori when he mentioned her weight gain in episode 8, but viewers never got see his apology. The scene above shows Tori telling the other women in the house about Morgan’s insult. “What a moron!” Camille says. “Morgan totally blew it with Tori.” A later scene shows Morgan apologizing and complimenting Tori on her “great knees.”

I Deserve Better

Viewers know that Julia is not Gio’s perfect match, but a deleted scene from episode 7, before they visited the truth booth, shows Gio’s explanation as to why they’re meant to be. While he says he thinks he deserves better than Julia, he claims they would have a balanced relationship.

“The right girl could take the pain and anger away,” Gio says after Francesca makes it known she doesn’t think Julia is on his level emotionally. “My perfect match needs to balance me out. She’s so kind-hearted that it confuses people.”

Asaf’s Love Triangle

Camille confronts Francesca when she and Asaf start to rekindle their romance. When Camille tells Francesca she should have been upfront about her feelings for him weeks earlier, Francesca blames the time wasted on Asaf, saying he friend zoned her. 

Alexis Comes Out To Play

Asaf’s alter ego interviews his housemates in this clip. He’s shown asking Victoria who her first victim in the Boom Boom Room will be, and she admits she’s going after a country boy. Alexis’s interview ends when she asks Camille’s butt questions and she twerks in response.

Alexis Gets Flirty With Stephen

If you wanted more of Alexis (or is it Brittany?), you’ve got it! This episode 2 clips shows Asaf’s alter ego walking around in heels and sharing a steamy kiss with Stephen. The two housemates go on to have a fake fight about their relationship and smash eggs on each other’s heads. Seriously, it’s not-to-be-missed television. 

Mean John Returns

Emma made it known early in the season that she had feelings for John, and he repeatedly shot her down in favor of Julia. A scene from episode 3 shows the two having a chat about them possibly being a match. John tells Emma he doesn't feel any “romantic feelings” towards her, but she thinks he’s denying his true emotions. John goes on to accuse Emma of staring at him “all day” and always having a “resting b---- face.” When John tells Emma he wants her to move on, she breaks down, but ultimately tells John she’s glad he told her the truth.

John Is The Butt Of The Joke

John earned a getaway date with his then presumed match Julia in episode 2, but his co-stars who accompanied them on the outing made it clear they didn’t think they were meant to be. The above scene shows Asaf, Francesca, Morgan and Nicole making fun of John’s feelings for Julia. “We’ve had four conversations. Our baby’s going to be John Junior,” Morgan jokes. 

Francesca + Asaf Sitting In A Tree

Francesca has long considered Asaf as her potential perfect match and a scene from episode 1 show’s their early flirtations. Watch as Asaf tries to feed Francesca and the two joke around in the confessional.

Which deleted scene is your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below and dont forget to tune in to the finale Monday, Aug. 15, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV!