Julia Are You The One
Julia Rose (center) admits to having a boyfriend while filming “Are You the One?” Season 4. She is pictured with her co-stars Mikala Thomas and Stephen McHugh. MTV

“Are You the One?” Season 4 has finished airing but the MTV cast members are continuing to speak out about controversies surrounding their love lives post-finale.

After it became public that contestant Julia Rose had a boyfriend during filming for the dating series, the reality star addressed the claims Friday. As previously reported, Julia was linked to actor/singer Clayton Johnson before and after taping wrapped.

“I made the choice to go on a dating show with someone back at home,” Julia said as her on-screen flame, Stephen McHugh, sat beside her in the video, which was posted to his YouTube channel.

Julia that she signed on for the show not with the intention of wanting to find someone, but because she was attracted to the idea of living in Hawaii for a month, meeting 19 new people and possibly winning her share of the $1 million prize.

“I feel like s--- because I put people that I did care about in positions that they shouldn’t have been in and it was my choices that put them in those positions. It was selfish.”

After coming clean, the pair went on to reveal Julia was not the only one in the “AYTO?” house with a relationship back home. “I told [Stephen] straight up that I had someone back at home,” Julia said, to which Stephen replied, “So did a lot of people.”

“That is true,” Julia added, refusing to dish on any of her cast member’s personal lives. “Not gonna air out anyone’s dirty laundry because that’s not who I am but I was not the only one who had something back at home.”

Stephen also defended Julia, who was confirmed not to be his perfect match on the series, saying she didn’t have intentions of hurting anyone going on the show. Ultimately, Julia said she wouldn’t take back any of her actions.

“I felt like I had to prove to Clayton that I was worth it. That I wasn’t this person that lies and cheats because that’s not who I raised to be this person that does that to someone,” she explained when discussing why she went back with Clayton, despite seemingly ending the show in a relationship with Stephen. “I made so many mistakes but I can’t sit here and justify myself ... I’m ready to move past this experience.”

While Stephen and Julia did not make it abundantly clear they’re still an item in the video (and MTV did not offer an update during the reunion show), Clayton’s latest Periscope sheds some light. He posted a video on Wednesday saying he still loves Julia and that they were recently discussing marriage but have since broken up. He added he is aware she is now “hanging out” with Stephen but that she previously told him they were “just friends.”

“I really feel like we’re still going to be together,” Clayton said. “It’s just hard.”