The wife of the ruling party governor of Argentina's Rio Negro province is being questioned after he was murdered early Sunday.

On Sunday authorities were investigating the death of Gov. Carlos Soria after he was shot in the face and died.

Rio Negro is Argentina's prime oil-producing province, and Soria had only recently taken office.

Soria and his wife, Susana, were reportedly in their bedroom early Sunday after spending New Year's Eve at their home in General Roca, according to authorities. Emergency personnel received a call and arrived at the home just before 5 a.m., local media reported. Soria was found bleeding in bed, still alive. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The governor's death was reported by his spokesman, Julian Goinhex, yet no other details were provided.

Soria, 62, won election by a wide margin in October on the ticket of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's Peronist party. He was inaugurated Dec. 10 in a highly visible shift of power, considering the Radical Party which he replaced as a member of Front for Victory had long controlled the province.

Soria will be succeeded by vice-governor Alberto Weretilneck. According to MSNBC, Weretilneck called the shooting a domestic accident in an interview with Radio 10 and said Soria and his wife were alone at the time.