Authorities are facing a tough time in containing one of the worst wildfires that is spreading to the eastern part of Arizona.

The Wallow fire burning in eastern Arizona is approximately 311,481 acres with no level of containment. They are currently rolling blackouts throughout the area due to the testing of the power grid in the community.

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the area as firefighters are conducting burn out operations as part of the strategy to build fire line for protection.

Spot fires are occurring up to 3 miles ahead of the fire. Firefighter activities include: burnout operations, building fire line, perimeter control, structure protection, and patrolling for spot fires.

Effective immediately, further evacuations have been ordered by the Apache County Sheriff's Office for all the areas south of Highway 260 and east of Greer, including South Fork and portions of Eagar. Highway 260 will remain open for the evacuation and will be closed immediately after that.

Meanwhile, the Horseshoe Two Fire burning near Portal, Arizona is approximately 106,661 acres and is estimated at 50 percent containment.